We’re building your ultimate best mate to hop around the real world and metaverse with. Pioneering our Experience 2 Earn model, your AussieMates will gamify real world experiences, all through your Down Under Club membership. If you’re not Aussie, no worries mate. Our utility is global, so no matter where you are in the world, there will be a Mate for you.

We're all about rewarding experiences, digitally and physically. Our mates will be rewarding holders for living their best life, with ETH, NFTs, IRL & metaverse events and a cheeky mates rate or two. The longer you hold your NFT and more Mates you hold, the better the reward. So you’re going to want to diamond hand these.


You can mint up to 6 AussieMates for 0.05 ETH +Gas

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Why a mate?

Your AussieMate will be brought to life as your digital and real world companion. Using a combination of 3D modelling, augmented reality and VR technology, you'll be able to take your digital roo anywhere you want, while they'll be working in the background to bring you ongoing rewards and access to resources, events and more!
Experience 2 Earn with your digital mates
Not an Aussie? No worries mate. Our virtual companions don't care where you're from, they just want to hop around the metaverse with you and take you on cool adventures in the real world. Plus, we plan on being in constant engagement with our community, with plans to bring a taste of Australia to countries all over the world, right where you are.
Not an Aussie, no worries mate!
Your mate is yours to build. You'll have full commercial licensing to your mate. Full licensing will be made available before February 4, 2022.
Full commercial licensing
Having felt the effects of not being allowed out of the house for months on end, we’re looking forward to putting on and sponsoring events that bring our community together. Your NFT will act as your all access pass.
An all access pass
With the introduction of Golden Cockatoo Trading, two lucky Down Under Club members and their mate will be able to fly anywhere in the world, on us. We’ve missed travelling with Australian borders being shut for almost two years, so we’re keen to visit our mates across the pond and we want you to be able to do so as well.
You’ll also receive a 1:1 AussieMate featuring the backdrop of where you land.
Adventure, on us
We’re looking after our mates. Which is why we’ll be developing programs specifically tailored to Down Under Club members. Plus our community will dictate who we donate 50% of our resales to every year.
Mates helping mates

Supporting Health & Wellbeing

At the end of the day, no matter what species your PFP is, we want to help you, the person behind the profile picture. This is why we’re investing in your health & wellbeing with the creation of our Mates Helping Mates Program. It aims to empower holders to tap into wellbeing experiences from health, travel, music and mentorship meanwhile helping charities and small businesses to tap into blockchain technology to ultimately unlock the power of Web3.

Read more about the program, here.

Join our partnership program by emailing Bianca, here.

Our MHM Partners

Mental Health Partner


We're released our Mates Pass to early adopters as a thank you for their on-going support and help onboard new people into NFTs. The Mates Pass was a ticket to pre-order your NFT for the 4th of February! The benefits of minting a Mates Pass were:

- Discounted price - 0.04 compared to 0.05 in public sale
- Luxury of minting in your own time on the 4th of February
- Additional utility after launch for Mates Pass owners

As it's an ERC-1155 token, minters didn't have to pay those crazy gas prices as you would with a normal NFT, it's a win-win!

Supply was limited to 500 only.

January 7
Mates Pass Launches

The Mates Pass allows you to preorder your NFT at a discounted rate (0.04 vs 0.05ETH). When you mint a Mates Pass, you'll be able to mint the corresponding number of AussieMates NFTs for free. Plus, because it's an ERC-1155 token, the gas fees will be considerably lower, a great option for our first time NFT buyers.

February 4
AussieMates General Sale Launches

Mates Pass holders will be able to claim their NFTs for free. General Sale opens up for the community to mint their AussieMates.

Milestone 1
AussieMates AR App Development

Once 50% of the AussieMates have sold out, we’ll start working on the first Milestone for 2022. Mates will be able to take their humans anywhere they want. This will be the ultimate adventure app, designed for our community to go out and experience the world. Users will be rewarded based on how many experiences they undertake and how long they’ve held their NFT.

Milestone 2
Mental Health in the Metaverse Development

Mental health is a big reason why we started AussieMates. We know the importance of having a mate when times are tough and to celebrate the good times. Once 100% of the supply is sold out we’ll start developing our Mental Health Metaverse Hub that will build on our Mates Helping Mates Program. More details will be announced soon.

Ongoing Rewards
As we’re building those in the background, there are plenty of things we’ll be doing to bring value to our community.

Development starts on the Mates Helping Mates platform. A content resource hub for holders holding mental health, physical wellbeing resources, NFT & business mentorships. We’ve already started sourcing partners for this program.


Mates Rates are introduced. Partnering with brands, NFT projects & events that will directly benefit our community. Outreach has already begun on global events to bring our community access to the things they love.


Concepting begins for the 3D modelling of our mates. Rewards for holders who will get theirs for free will be announced at 100% sellout.


Planning begins on our IRL & Metaverse events. M8 Day on May 8, will be our first Metaverse event celebrating all things art & culture, with Aussie flavour of course!


Golden Cockatoo Collecting starts. Be rewarded with flights overseas, all expenses paid, on us when you collect all 5 Golden Cockatoos in front of our iconic landscapes. 

Sold out

The ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE competition opens. Win $20,000USD to go towards your ultimate experience. The competition will be open for entries once we launch the Mates Pass. Full T&Cs will be made available after the launch of the Mates Pass. 

Outside of NFTs, Bianca works in advertising and is crazily excited at being on the cusp of revolutionising the way people interact with the things they love. She loves Tim Tams, classic rock and if she’s not wearing stilettos she’s in her trademark white sneakers. As a woman, she is passionate about supporting other women looking to enter the crypto and NFT world.
Bianca (bmuse90)
Adrian has a background in IT and engineering. A specialist in audio visual technologies, he sees the potential of how NFTs can be applied in real world settings. You’ll find him on the beach, or in the pub throwing back few schooeys (or shooeys) with his mates. An ex-rugby union player, he’s made a name for him self in the Australian rugby community.
Adrian (Mad Roo)
Vitor is the developer on the AussieMates team and has worked on many other NFT projects including the Happy land Gummy Bears. A specialist in security and Ethereum smart contracts, he’s responsible for the backend of the website and our minting process.
Sarah is our NFT and metaverse CMO, leading marketing, PR and partnerships. Over the last year she has launched MYAMI NFT fashion house, layer 2 Immutable, DoinGud social good NFT marketplace, assisted on various Impact Theory NFT drops including Aoki’s, and Sydney’s first physical NFT exhibition Satellite. Democratising the ways people earn through tech and 2-sided marketplaces, has been her life’s work. She’s currently empowering people through blockchain, crypto, NFT marketplaces and DAOs. Outside of work, she loves ocean-swimming, travelling, the existential, sci-fi, food/wine tours and live music.
The GM of AussieMates, he understands what needs to be done when it comes to systems and processes to make a successful business.
From Canada originally, he’s adopted the Australian way of life, although he still calls them shrimp not prawns... Having played Ice Hockey all over the world, Ryza knows how supportive team environments can help shape people for the better.
General Manager

What is an NFT?

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Wow, if you got this far without knowing what an NFT is we’re impressed. But you also must be confused about what’s going on so let us help you out. NFT stands for non-fungible token and its essence is to prove ownership of a particular asset, whether it be digital or physical. Each NFT is identified by a unique token which cant be changed, altered or duplicated, this is what makes it non-fungible. Ownership is proven via a blockchain with the unique NFT ID. A public and immutable ledger which contains all transactions, making it easy for anyone to view the initial purchase and ongoing transfers of the asset as it is resold.

How do I mint an AussieMate?

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For starters, you'll need some ETH. Coinbase for our international mates and Coinspot for our Aussie mates are two we trust, you'll need to buy some from there and then transfer this into your MetaMask wallet. Or you can buy it straight from MetaMask. When minting is available, make sure your MetaMask extension is working on your browser and your wallet is connected. Then you'll be able to select how many Mates you want to mint (up to 6) hit submit and Bob's your uncle! (That means you're all set).
Minting happens directly from this AussieMates website. If you're minting or buying from anywhere else, you're barking up the wrong tree (in the wrong place). There is an official AussieMates Collection on the OpenSea NFT marketplace, but that's only for re-sales, not the original mint.

What are gas fees?

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Gas fees are effectively transaction fees you need to pay that allow for the energy required to process your purchase and store it on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Gas limit, is the max amount of gas (energy) you want to spend on each transaction, which can be set at time of purchase. It’s annoying, we know, which is why we’ll be working on ways to minimize gas fees for you.

Do I own my AussieMate?

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You will have 100% commercial rights to your AussieMates. Full license will be made available prior to Feb 4

Are you lot legit?

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We sure are. AussieMates Group is a registered business in Australia. We've done our due diligence to make sure you're buying into a legit business.

What are the tech specs?

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Release Date — Feb 4, 2022
Total number of tokens — 10,000
Tokens with held from sale — 500 will be held for giveaways, marketing and for our team (1 each for our founding team only)
Price per token —0.05 ETH Token type —ERC-721
Blockchain —Ethereum File hosting —IPFS Royalty fees — 5%
Number of traits — 143
Licensing — Commercial rights Reveal Type — 24 hours after mint
Smart Contract — Will be updated once published to Etherscan